You've Heard That The "Money Is In The List"... Now, YOU Can Learn MY Secrets For Building Your OWN HUGE, Responsive List Fast...

WARNING: Dangerously Effective List Building Secrets May Cause Your Inbox To OVERLOAD With New Sign-Ups And Sales

"If You're Struggling To Build Your List & Make Money Online, Read On To Discover The Simplest Strategy To Capture 100's Of Fresh Targeted Leads Everyday! Don't Worry, This System Is 100% Legal, But Your Competitors May Come Looking For You!"

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Dear Struggling Internet Marketer,

I'm sure you've heard it time and time again... "The Money is in The List!"... It's been said for the last 10 years and will be said for the next 10. That's because it works.

Any time you need to make a few extra $100, just send an email to your list and - kaching! Cash on demand. It's real and it's how I have been making my dough online for years.

With List Growth Like This...

And an Inbox flooded with sales daily!

I'm not showing you all this to brag, but just showing that I really do what I teach and teach what I do - and that making money online is really possible!

If you're still struggling with list building or haven't started building a list yet..

You Need To Get A List!

But let me re-phrase that... You need a highly RESPONSIVE mailing list, to be more precise. I don't care if your new to this whole "internet marketing" will save yourself a lot of headaches and long nights if you learn and remember that simple truth!

Sales Are Determined By the Number of People You Can Reach... And With Your Own List, You Can Reach Those People With the Press of a Button!

By far, having a list of your own that you can email any time you want is the #1 easiest and fastest way to make money online, period!

That's why I want to teach you the way I build my list and profit from my emails effortlessly time and time again.. because it's so easy and ANYONE can do it.

I call my little secret method the "Sniper List Building" method.

After years of fine tuning my formula, I've come up with what I believe to be the EASIEST and FASTEST way to build a list of hungry prospects and buyers ready to pounce on any offer you send them!

Now, it's pretty easy to get a bunch of people to join your mailing list - but creating a RESPONSIVE email list is a different story!

And that's what this course is all about - building a list of hot prospects!

See, it's not just plain list building I'm teaching you here.. because growing your list is only part of the formula for making money online. You need to know how to set up your list building system to collect leads that are going to buy your offers!

I don't want to leave you in the dark after you get this course so I have included the other very important steps you need to know to make list building profitable for you.

To be honest, there are only...

3 Steps to Crushing It Online!

Step #1: Find A Profitable Niche Market

Step #2: Build a Responsive Email List

Step #3: Monetize Your Email List with Products and/or Service

Most courses just teach you the second step - but not here! I go through the whole process so you will know exactly how to build your list AND profit from it!

You have landed on this page and this if the first step to putting more money in your the bank account. I know you came to this page looking for more information on how to build a massive list of leads so that you can turn that list into cold hard cash.

And I guarantee you won't be disappointed with the results that you receive from the information that you gain by using Sniper List Building!

So let's get started and get you rolling on building a massive list so you can turn that list into thousands of dollars!



Get Access & Start Building Your List BIG Now!

When using the strategies you discover inside Sniper List Building you will learn how to grow your own targeted list of subscribers from scratch into the 100's... and quickly the 1000's mark which you can turn into your own personal ATM!

I Can't Say That Enough!

The reason I say that is, just look at it for a minute. We all start with zero subscribers. Then we get our first 100, and then 200 and so on.

It's great to see your list grow but when you're trying to release a product; a small list of 200 is not going to get you many sales? Maybe 5 if your lucky.

5 buyers on a $27 dollar product isn't bad, but it's not a big payday to me.

Now let's look at it from a Sniper List Building point of view.

Releasing a product to a list of 5K plus people and just 2% ofthose 5K buy at $27...

Now We're Looking At A Very *NICE* Payday ;)

I understand how it is to have a small list - or no list list at all!

You're not the only one. I was in the exact same poition as you were, so was James. We've all had our struggles to make money in internet marketing.

But I'm not here to get your sympathy I'm here to show you how you don't have to go down that path of not making a dimeon the internet or settling for small checks.

I want to show you how to build a big responsive list so you will never have to worry about where your next dollar will come from ever again.

You just don't know the power of having a massive list of buyers!

But that's ok.. you will soon (when you build your sniper list following my course). But let me give you another example of how powerfung having a big list can be.

I gave you an example earlier of having a list of 5,000 people and offering them a product that cost $27 (I'm being very modest here, you can promote products that bring in $97 a pop).

So if just 2% of those 5,000 buy, that's 100 sales at $27 = $2,700 cash!

Yes! Cold Hard Cash!

Do you see what I'm talking about? It's just ridiculous! And for example let's just say you have 5 products that you want to release to your list and all are the same price.

"$2,700 every time you click the "SEND" button...are you serious?!" Yes, I deadly serious!

Do that several times a month.. and do it every month! James and I am living proof that it's possible! Send out 4 or 5 times a month for a $27 product and that's 5 figures every month like clockwork!! Wooooo Weeee!!

But let me slow down here so I can get YOU filling up your pockets.

With Sniper List Building you don't need...


A big budget to get started - Sniper list building is about starting small for BIG gains


Expensive programmers or webmasters to help you


Web designers that cost you an arm and a leg


Any experience with internet marketing or list building


Any of that unnecessary confusing stuff - just grab Sniper List Building and you'll see just how simple and step-by-step this system is!

Seen Enough? Start Snipering A HUGE List Now!

Sniper List Building is made up of 5 modules which take you through all the steps of my system simply and quickly. Below you'll see exactly what you're about to learn in my course...

Full Course Overview...

MODULE 1: Niche Selection & Monetization

check How To Research And Choose Profitable HOT Niches
check The Simple Sequence to Monetizing a New List
check Different Ways to Monetize a List IMMEDIATELY!
check How to setup an ARMY of income streams!
check The secrets to earning "Residual Income" i.e. getting paid for doing nothing!

I kick off the course with a BANG!! Here I go over niche selection and how you will begin monetizing your future email list right from day 1.

There are a TON of golden nuggets in this section that you DON'T want to miss!


MODULE 2: Setting Up Your Squeeze Page

check You Get Access to My HIGH Converting Squeeze Pages!
check How to Use Wordpress to build quick landing pages!
check Your 1st Three Follow Up Messages - Just Copy 'n' Paste
check The motivation behind ALL the madness!

Setting up a squeeze page or landing page is pretty easy these day because you have a TON of templates to work with!

So you don't have to worry about getting an expensive designer or any of those silly things...they're simply waiting for you to download in the members area!


MODULE 3: ZERO-Cost List Building Methods

check Bulletproof YouTube Traffic Techniques
check Easy 2-Click Video Syndication
check Using Classified Ads & Google to Rank Your Landing Page Almost Instantly
check KILLER Facebook & Twitter traffic techniques!
check A Joint Venture technique that WORKS like crazy!

Who said, "it takes money to make money"?

You can build a HIGHLY responsive list without much money at all and that list can make you a FULL TIME income if you do it how I explain in this module.

You will learn all about different FREE traffic methods that WORK!!


MODULE 4: Turbo-Charged List Building

check I'm going to cover cheap PPC, no Adwords....they suck!
check How to Gain Access to Other People's MASSIVE lists for pennies!
check Getting Traffic From HIGH traffic blog networks easily
check Getting started with "Paid Social Ads..."

For those of you that have a few pennies to invest in advertising, this stuff is for you! You can put your list building efforts on Turbo and see results A LOT faster.

The paid traffic methods I go over are complete GOLD!


MODULE 5: List Relationship Building

check 3 Step Process to Building Rapport With Your Subscribers
check How to Offer Extreme Value To Warm Up Your List Before Selling Them
check How to using Humor in your Emails (and how to develop a sense of Humor)
check How to Breakdown barriers by being "blunt" in your emails
check How to craft you own langauge!
check How to start a community that KNOWS, LIKES & TRUSTS YOU! This is MOST important!

At this point you have an email list, and you just need to work on building a SOLID relationship with them.

These strategies will ensure that your emails get opened and you make more sales. DON'T skip this module because if your list is UNresponsive you have just wasted all your time and effort!

Sniper List Building

Yes, Let Me Become A Sniper List Builder Now!

The core Sniper List Building course is covered in the 5 modules as described above which are delivered to you in .PDF format. Each module is short and to the point with images and screen shots to guide you through the content quickly.

If you're more of a "visual" person who prefers to learn with video, you'll also get access to a collection of Email Marketing tutorial videos as a bonus to compliment the PDFs.

BONUS: 7 x Sniper Email Marketing Videos

check Over 1 Hour of "how to" video training split up into 7 short lessons
check Simple Step-By-Step process easy enough for anyone to follow
check Email marketing strategies that you can use today to DOUBLE your profits
check The tools, resources and strategies needed to build and maintain a responsive list

Unlike other materials that tell you a couple of basic steps like slapping up a squeeze page and hoping for the best, these videos will give you a detailed and easy to understand method of utilizing the right resources and taking the right steps to having a massive list of rabid, hungry buyers at your fingertips!

Discover effective techniques you can implement for a bigger list and more sales today such as:

  • The tools you need to use to start your list building endeavors the RIGHT way!

  • How to create special 'free gifts' for your subscribers that are fun to read and makes them look forward to hearing from you!

  • The system most marketers use to make sure their list is full of interested, hungry prospects and NOT freebie seekers

  • How you can still maximize your customer lists for extra profit juice even if your company is not internet-based

  • How to find out it the product you're going to offer will be a MEGA SUCCESS or mega flop

  • MINOR customer service "boo-boos" that will irritate and frustrate your prospects that are easily avoidable!

  • Programs to help you TRACK your email campaigns to see if they are a roaring success or if more improvements are needed

  • The biggest "no-no" of email marketing which could see you closing shop almost instantly

  • How to combine email marketing and affiliate marketing for an explosion of INSTANT cash into your accounts!

  • Straight-forward and effective methods of driving streams of targeted, hungry buyers right into your lists...

  • And much, much more!

These videos can be viewed from inside the members area and you can also download them to watch from your computer anytime.

They are the perfect companion to the 5 core modules of "Sniper List Building" to turn you into an expert email marketer overnight!

Real Value Of $97!

Why stuggle to build your list any longer when you can get my proven blue-print to take and build YOUR own list and make money with ease!?

I have done the dirty work for you. I've spent the time down in the trenches to find out what works - my mistakes in the process have also costs me a lot of money!!

But with this guide, you can skip all the guess work and go straight to what works. All you have to do is take action.

Anyone can use this system and's just that easy! Take a look at some of the people that have already tried Sniper List Building...

Customer Feedback

"You guys really lift the lid on list building, FAST! I've already spotted several key strategies I can implement straight away into my own list building efforts without having to spend a cent. My hat is off to guys for another break-through GEM :-)"

Dian Ferdinand


Customer Feedback

"As a complete beginner to list building I found the course to be very simple to understand, & best of all, I know I can follow & do it myself. I'm always frustrated by many ebooks that leave key steps out. Nice work James & Stuart for helping me get my first list started!"

Matt G

Those satisfied customers and many more have used my Sniper List Bulding system and loved the results they got!

And you will too when you get your hands on it and try the tactics I share with you. That's why we don't want you to leave this page without grabbing your copy!

"This Is A Great Offer! But Am I Going To Have To Rob A Bank To Afford This?"

No, you don't have to sell your vital organs to take advantage of this offer.. even though it is worth a lot! When you add it all up... the 5-part Sniper List Building course.. the truck-load of awesome bonuses... I should be selling it for at least $97.

But because I want to help as many people as possible to build a list and make money online like I do, we want to make it affordable for everyone, inlcuding those who are just starting out online. So I'm not going to charge $97.

Not $67... not even $47.

The actual price is below, and your jaw will drop when you see how little I'm asking for all of this.

Even though it is ridiculously cheap, I am taking away all the risk when you order today with my 100% money back guarantee.


That's right, you can try out my list building system for a full 60 days and if you decide it isn't all that I say it is within those 60 days, just contact me for a prompt refund. All the risk is on me - you risk nothing!

Pull The Trigger!

Pick up your copy of "Sniper List Building" and all the bonuses today for an insanley low one-time price. Act now and start building a list of red hot prospects with my proven system.. or your competitors will!

Yes! I'm Ready To Get Started With The Sniper List Building Program!

I understand that list building is the best way to create MONEY ON DEMAND and your course will show me exactly how it's done. I'm ordering RISK-FREE and will be able to download everything INSTANTLY!

Regular Price $97 Today Only $1.00

You will recieve INSTANT access, immediately after purchase!

Your Partners In List Building Success,

Download PLR Products

P.S. For such a small investment, you'd be crazy to turn this offer down! Download the course and try everything I show you inside Sniper List Building risk-free for 60 days! There is no way you can fail at creating your own "instant cash" generating list in record time!


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