“Affiliate Marketing: Why Taking It To The Next Level
Isn't As Impossible As You May Think!”

The secret of throwing out all the clutter to create a
mean, lean, affiliate money making machine…

Dear Frustrated Affiliate Marketer,

You've dabbled in affiliate marketing - in fact, you've made way more than a “token effort”. You've given it your best shot (or so you think.)

The truth is, you're reading this page right now because you're fed up with things never being as easy as they should be, when it comes to making decent affiliate money.

(And you tried that power-packed eBook everyone recommends - but it portrayed such a new and complex world, it actually gave you a headache before you even reached chapter 3!)

After all your affiliate marketing efforts, the truth is, you're left asking yourself...

“Why Do Certain Affiliate Marketers
Make So Much More Money Than Others?”

Sometimes you suspect they're just hardwired differently.

You think of yourself as intelligent - and what you've read about affiliate marketing sounds so easy to do.

But when you sit down to do it, the truth is, it seems to slip and squirm away from right between your fingers.

You know the top guys use complex formulas and strategies. They really have tweaked it to a fine art.

But you just need help to get you to a decent level. On a solid, secure footing.

One that will make you affiliate money - once and for all.

The real problem is, you may not know you need to learn the truth about:

  • The one characteristic that can set new affiliate marketers up for big disappointment

  • The single biggest decision you need to take, to significantly boost your affiliate marketing success rate

  • Two proportions that simply have to match, in order to create the income you desire

  • The tip you may have already been given (and discarded) - guaranteed to sound counterproductive (but it's not!)

  • 2 solid and clear attributes any niche must possess, in order to be a "blue ribbon" bet

  • 2 key components a niche must have, in order to pass your super affiliate test
You suspect there may be more to what you need to learn than you previously realized.

Simple but sophisticated factors like:
  • Why affiliate marketing has made people a lot of money (and a whole lot more people little money)

  • 2 attributes to cultivate, in order to always succeed beyond your expectations

  • Why taking these 2 actions doesn't guarantee instant income - and what you can do to change that

  • 2 types of affiliate programs to promote, to guarantee desirable residual income

  • The single most important thing to realize, when you're only making a trickle, that can turn things right around for you

  • 6 vital actions and habits that set Super Affiliates miles above the rest

  • The single most important decision you must always follow up on - and why so many don't

  • The 3 most important factors you must track, to make your affiliate sales double and keeping growing

  • The single most important attribute any niche you're passionate about should have, in order to make you money

  • The single most crucial condition that simply should not exist

  • The single most common dilemma that leaves new affiliate marketers feeling as if they're caught between a rock and a hard place

  • 6 actions you can easily turn into a simple habit, to ensure you always get the highest rate
We get into easy specifics, such as:
  • The real secret of Pay Per Click - and why companies are so willing to pay for leads

  • The important first step to take, when choosing PPC ads for your niche market

  • The huge clue about content unrelated PPC ads can provide

  • The single most common assumption that trips new PPC affiliate marketers every time (I once got caught by this one, too!)

  • Why you should be selective about PPC programs - if you're unaware of what could happen, you could end up losing almost all your list!

  • The single most important PPC conversion factor almost no one thinks of testing

  • How to accurately decide if PPC really is the best affiliate marketing strategy for you

Can You Complete These Simple But Crucial
Affiliate Marketing Questions?

Be honest with yourself - if you can't, there are probably many more simple but vital factors you need to find out right away.

  • “While it's good to have focus, expanding--”
  • “By narrowing your focus, you're limiting--”
  • “In order for a niche to make you money, it has to--”
  • “The good news is that it's primarily a matter of--”
  • “This niche is nothing more than--”
Hey, did I hear you complaining: “Those questions are just way too open. No one could guess the right answers you're after!”

Well, while it's true that there's more than one correct answer to a couple, an experienced affiliate marketing champ could instantly complete each statement - without hesitation at all.

A big clue you might not have all the facts about affiliate marketing - if you halted and stumbled over completing any of these basic statements.

It may mean you're missing what you actually need to fill in a money-draining gap - one you may not have realized actually exists.

That's why things don't flow smoothly, when you set up affiliate links and try to promote them.

Why Knowing All The Cards By Sight In
Your Affiliate Marketing Deck
Is Vitally Essential

You've probably heard of those sales-stopping bottlenecks that can halt smooth progression down marketing sales funnels: Well, the same sort of thing can happen in affiliate marketing too.

You have to treat your affiliate marketing just like a funnel - and if you don't have the right flow... if your strategies don't mix like the ingredients for a perfect recipe... you could be losing serious credibility (without even realizing it's happening!)

People want recommendations they trust.

And you want them to feel they can trust you.

The best way to get a good overview and feel for this deceptively simple subject?

Strip out all the confusing details - and get a good grasp of the basics you may have been missing.

(And a few more advanced tips you may not have known to check out.) Because they're really not basics at all - they're the core key to your easy, one-step-away affiliate marketing success!

I've created a truly Special Report, showing you how you can start using the tactics the pros use (in their sleep!).

It will give you the core basics, the fully Monty - in fact everything you need

After you've got your new, clean 'n' mean strategy set up, you can refine what you do at your leisure.

Highly Successful Affiliate Marketing
Doesn't Have To Be A Mystery…

Affiliate Marketing BreakoutMy Special Report, “Affiliate Marketing Breakout”, actually shows you how easy it is to get your affiliate marketing career on the roll.

So stop leaving money on that haphazard collection of mismatched side-tables, hidden all over your marketing “house”! (Money that product creators are only too happy to pay to affiliates who generate leads and bring them strong sales!)

Minutes from now, you could be learning how to handle (or how to prevent):

  • The single most tragic mistake made by those who watch what other Affiliate Marketers do

  • The most alluring factor that drives marketers to sign for affiliate programs - and why this deceptive barometer can't be used to predict affiliate marketing success

  • The single most certain way to get nowhere with your affiliate marketing - fast!

  • 3 simple things you must provide for each affiliate marketing niche, if you want them to stop “just paying for themselves”

  • The single truly shocking mistake that could have you losing thousands in commissions (even some genuine Super Affiliates recently fell victim to this one!)

  • The one fatal proactive and ambitious step it's a mistake for even the best marketers to take

  • The 2 simple actions you must take, to remedy any of these all-too-common affiliate marketing disasters

And that isn't even everything I cover - simply, without one unnecessary word more than you need to read.

(In fact, I'm proud to say, this is one of the clearest reports you'll ever sit back and enjoy - from cover to cover! But don't let its clarity fool you - it will quickly teach you everything you need to have in play, in order to take off with your affiliate marketing source of real income.

I did my level best to write my 30-page Special Report, “Affiliate Marketing Breakout” so that you can learn how to use these powerful marketing aids easily - today.

In fact, I'm so sure you'll be pleased with my Special Report, “Affiliate Marketing Breakout”, that I'll give you my unconditional, risk-free, 30 day guarantee…

My New 30-page Special Report
Affiliate Marketing Breakout
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Solid Affiliate Marketing Strategy
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I guarantee that if you put the strategies I show you into everyday practice, you’ll notice a real and positive difference to your Affiliate Marketing grasp (and maybe even results) straight away.

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Take a full 30 days to check out and implement the methods in Affiliate Marketing Breakout entirely at my risk. Because I'm sure that once you've discovered it doesn't have to be complicated, you won't even think of asking for a refund at all.

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I want you to feel happy you made this small but powerful investment - or ask for that refund just as soon as you like!)

So click on the button and find yourself reading this powerful information any moment.

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If you'd love to maximize your affiliate marketing profits by knowing everything you need to know, to take it to the next level just hit that button, and download your personal copy right now!

Yes! I want to learn how to put the power of Affiliate Marketing to work for me once and for all!

Send me my copy of “Affiliate Marketing Breakout” today - right away.

I understand this special report includes information about:

  • The single most important (but simple) action I have to take, when looking for programs for my chosen affiliate niche

  • How to get the highest commission rates going - the secret resource in the fine print that everyone else ignores

  • The optional extra step I can take - that really will make autopilot income for me, if I just do it right

  • The hidden trick to getting higher commissions almost no one (except super affiliates) uses

  • The first thing most affiliate marketers look at - and the single most important drawback it's fatally easy to miss

  • 5 often-overlooked PPC networks that can knock the socks off Google Adwords for your specific campaigns

  • The simple domain name trick that can save you a significant amount of money (and it will have you sighing with relief, if you've ever agonized over exactly what name to choose)

But most of all, it will demystify taking affiliate marketing to the next level - and getting past those “blocks” that had you thinking that perhaps it just didn't work, after all.

After all, my Special Report will tell you the plain truth about:

  • The single most important precaution to take, to make dividing your attention between multiple streams of income work to your advantage

  • The single most important fact to remember, when wondering whether to promote membership sites

  • The hardest thing about choosing a topic - and 2 factors to really watch out for

  • The single most effective way to generate sales for your affiliate product (and it's one of the simplest - and most comfortable methods too)

  • 2 simple but crucially different roads to choose between, when deciding how to make your affiliate marketing podcast work best for you and your niche

  • 6 steps you absolutely must take, if you want to gain your share of audience loyalty and trust

  • 3 ways to get targeted traffic to your opt-in page, if you plan to build a highly-focused list

  • The single most important thing you must make it easy for your readers to do, when promoting an affiliate link in any site
So if you'd like to learn all the things I've mentioned (and a good few more), download “Affiliate Marketing Breakout” right now.

Because, honestly, I feel like I've talked more here (and managed to tell you less) than you're actually going to be reading, moments from now!

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