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Dear Article Marketer,

Wondering why others are getting tons of traffic and making money with articles, why YOU'RE left in the dark, struggling to get out of the gate?

In less than 45 minutes from now, you'll stop struggling to know the "secret" to their success.. because I'm going to show you how to skip all of the hard work usually associated with article marketing and teach you how to jump right to the front of the success line - while your competitors do all the hard work for you!!

I've discovered some sneaky Ninja Spy Tactics that pull back the curtain on the most successful article marketers and expose their secrets right before your eyes in my brand new step by step "Ezine Article Sniper" video:

Just look over my shoulder and discover:

  • How to covertly spy on your competitors and reverse-engineer their profit-pulling marketing tactics (right from under their nose). Don't worry.. it's completely legal. Anyone can do it - IF you know the "secret"!
  • The secret "Google code" that every "sniper" MUST have in their arsenal!
  • How to easily uncover the BEST keywords already PROVEN to get high search engine rankings (with just a click of your mouse)!
  • A FREE tool and little known website that will do research for you. (Why pay for similar tools when you can do it free?)
  • How to quickly uncover the hottest high-demand niches (in the process).
  • PLUS, I'll reveal a keyword phrase that gets 10,000 article views per month and is on page 1 on Google!!
  • and More!

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It provides outstanding actionable content.

The value of the time saved by implementing the Ezine Article Sniper tactics is many thousands of dollars. He relates very specific techniques to a Business Model.

100% fluff free professional actionable content.

I have two reports now from Mr. Lovelace and a zillion from other IM'ers I've picked up over time. His material is, thus far, the most useful.



Download PLR Products

Just finished watching the video and it is great stuff. I have been using article marketing for the last few months. Your video is going to add a whole new dimension to it though.

Loved the ideas about keyword research using other people's articles, a real
time saver!

Enjoyable to watch (great voice!), and straight to the point.

The whole video is full
of good information.





Another awesome no-brainer offer from you.  You always are able to find cool "insider" secrets to share with and help the rest of us and this one is a perfect example of that.

The tactics you reveal are extremely powerful!  I can see my article marketing results picking up immensely from using your simple secrets. I can't wait to get started!

For anyone who is struggling to find niches, keywords and get traffic from articles, this is a MUST HAVE.



Just got done watching your video. WOW!  Awesome content..  I'm putting in into action now, and I will update you with the results I get from your awesome course my friend

Thanks for the value


Because I like to over deliver, I'm going to include the following bonuses when you order today:

BONUS 12 Step Checklist/Workbook

To make sure that you see success with this as soon as possible...

I've created a printable 12 step checklist PDF so that all you have to do is follow a "do this, check it off", go to the next step and "do this, and check it off" step by step action plan untill you've mastered the "sniper" method.

This is the perfect companion to the Ezine Article Sniper video

BONUS Time-Saving Reference Guide

In this convenient PDF, you'll have quick one-click access to the sites mentioned in the video along with a time-saving list of top article marketing resources including the top 8 prime directories, 4 places to outsource content, tools, and more...

... all designed to help you get more done faster (afterall, time is money)!

Plus, You'll Also Receive a BONUS Video...

How would you like to know a sneaky under the radar traffic system that will explode your traffic from every article you put online?

I'm talking about getting a LOT more traffic from the SAME amount of work! Hey, who doesn't want to get more results for less work!

In this powerful video, I'll show you how to get at least TWICE the marketing power from every article!

Write it once.. then follow the "Ninja Article Recycler Method" to explode your traffic using the exact same content!! (and no, it's not spinning!)


Wow! This was amazing!


Wow! all great info and delivered very clearly. Your method of delivery on video is second to none.


That was an awesome video my friend. I learned a ton and can say nothing but great things about it


100% Risk-Free Guarantee!

Don't worry... all the risk is on me.

If "Ezine Article Sniper" is not everything I say it is, then you pay nothing. Simply contact me at my help desk by visiting DaveLovelaceSupport.com anytime in the next 30 days for a complete no-hassle refund. You'll find the same help desk info on the download page.

So Let's Recap..

You're going to receive:

 43 min 23 sec step-by-step Ezine Article Sniper video!

 Bonus 12-step worksheet/worksheet (printable PDF)!

 Bonus PDF quick reference guide!

 Bonus "Ninja Article Recycler Method" video!

 Secret "Google Code" that every "sniper" must have!

"So How Much To Learn the Secret to Dominating Niches
Using The Ezine Article Sniper Method?"

I'm going to make this an easy decision.

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To helping you get results with your article marketing!

Download PLR Products

Thanks for sharing this at such a steal! :)

I've been following your biz for years and always love all of your products. Keep up the great work.

~Mike Cowles. <><


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